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SOPHOS Endpoint Protection with Intercept X
Are your employee computers secure?
The uncomfortable truth about endpoint security Is the reality that 68% of organizations fell victim to a cyber attack in the last year. That’s why world-class protection is the foundation of any effective security strategy. However, protection alone is not enough. Four out of five organization admit having a shortage of internal security expertise. With this in mind usability is also essential if hard-pressed IT teams are to make best use of the protection capabilities. You should also assume that a threat will get through your defenses and equip your organization accordingly. This includes having full visibility into how threats enter the organization, where they went, and what they touched so that you can neutralize the attack and plug any security gaps.

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  SOPHOS Endpoint Protection with Intercept X

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To stop the widest range of threats, Sophos Intercept X employs a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach to endpoint protection rather than simply relying on one primary security technique. This is the “the power of the plus” – a combination of leading foundational (traditional) and modern (next-gen) techniques. Intercept X integrates the industry’s top-rated malware detection and exploit protection with built-in endpoint detection and response (EDR).
Find out how deep learning goes beyond traditional machine learning, and how Sophos has the industry’s most advanced deep learning capabilities.

Download the Intercept X Deep Learning Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Intercept X & Central Endpoint Protection Overview (PDF).


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