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The legacy that has fueled our team for more than forty-two years.

We Have the Team, the Experience, and the Dedication.

Our advantage lies in our reach. With 3,500 employees, 11 locations globally, and over 42 years of collective business experience, the RDI team of companies provide 360-degree solutions for clients worldwide.

3500 Dedicated Employees
42 Years in Business
11 Global Locations
Founded in 1978 as a market research firm, RDI’s key differentiator is the breadth and depth of our experience. We provide our clients with the best practices from a variety of vertical markets, and from the worlds of inbound, outbound, customer service, sales, B2B, and B2C support. Across all branches of our business, we pride ourselves on a unique employee engagement strategy that augments loyalty, increased tenure, and more effective engagement with our customer base.

RDI Through the Ages

Our approach enables us to be more nimble and innovative than our competitors; our success lies in the strategic, proactive collaboration that occurs between senior management and account management. Furthermore, each line of business possesses a unique skillset that contributes to the overall end goal: winning for clients. With expertise in website and app design, research & development, IT, and call center services, we offer solutions for all of your business needs to ensure every project is successful. 

From Here To There, Our Skills Expand Across The Nation.

Our Locations