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We are transforming patient engagement.

When it comes to healthcare, exceptional service doesn’t just happen. It’s considered, calculated, and executed with care. We deliver operational and financial consulting services to hospital-based provider groups, outpatient centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), and physician offices.

After listening and understanding your challenges, we make recommendations that combine technology and workflow solutions giving you the best possible outcomes. Our reputation of clients-and-patients-first assists you in reaching your business goals in a changing and competitive healthcare landscape.

Included Services

Below are some of the services included in our typical Healthcare offering:
  • Assessment of service line expansions
  • Market needs and impact analysis
  • Start-up and implementation projects
  • Operations and finance benchmarking
  • Interim management
  • Revenue cycle optimization
  • Clinical information system optimization
  • Performance improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Coding and documentation review and auditing
  • FQHC audits
  • FQHC go-live assistance
Transform your patient engagement. Email Chuck Hutchings, or call (937) 408-9080.
“We love RDI/T - if they don’t provide the service - they will find the right resource.”

- COO, Florida FQHC
“I trust RDI/T and have never looked back at our IT decisions.”

- Practice Manager, Ohio Specialty Practice 
“I wish I could use RDI/T for everything!”

- North Carolina Pediatric Practice
“RDI/T has the ability to scale with us.”

- CIO, Pennsylvania FQHC
We help clients enhance patient engagement while reducing costs and improving margins. Our areas of specialty include (but not limited to):

Keep up with the ever-changing FQHC landscape. Embrace trusted technologies and innovate faster to improve your outcomes.

Family Practice
Operate more efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Behavioral Health
Transform your behavior health services and improve your economic sustainability.

Get in touch with us now. Email Chuck Hutchings, or call (937) 408-9080.

What Exactly Have We Done?

Read about a few challenges that we have already helped our clients overcome.

The Challenge

A large Midwest behavior health practice was experiencing a lack of revenues after a newly implemented billing system. The entity line of credit being was being used to maintain operations and payroll with financial resources decreasing.

Our Approach

Understand the challenges. The entity maintained two revenue systems with both sustaining collections below expected levels.

We assessed the scope of the billing system concerns which included staff training and set-up on the new software, as well as, inconsistent processes.

The Result

Retention of a third-party proficient in the new patient billing software was optimal with a reorganization of staff managing the AR software program and process. The first month of this revised model resulted in a 28% increase in revenues over YTD average with a reduction in billing cost overhead.

The Challenge

An established Ohio specialty practice desired additional new patient volumes as existing outreach methods were not effective.

Our Approach

We took time to understand the providers’ practice style and outcomes, in addition to growth capacity. Patient satisfaction interviews were conducted in addition to reviewing patient source and referral information.

We recommended a branding transition with updates to practice website, Facebook, and print sources using the patient research results and patient present source data. We also assisted the practice in generating a RFI for the web project and assisted with content development during the transition.

The Result

The practice gained a strong web presence and added additional offerings, such as blog articles and SEO services. Since this transition, the practice has seen increased traffic of 176% to the website with a 37% increase in patient phone contacts, and a 20% increase in scheduled new patients.

The Challenge

A Southeast FQHC awardee was having challenges with start-up and was concerned about meeting the HRSA 6-month go-live requirement window.

Our Approach

We review the entity status and coordinated a start-up checklist with COO; developed a plan of priorities and timelines to meet start-up requirements. Our team led in coordinating issues, such as CLIA and payer agreement applications, in addition to, managing the facility, infrastructure, EMR, and revenue cycle needs. We also managed the shared task and priority list, and coordinated regular calls and meetings with the COO and site resources.

The Result

The FQHC was able to exceed their HRSA go-live timelines. Meeting these timelines maximized community impact goals, as well as, capitalized on initial cash flow opportunities.
Get in touch with us now. Email Chuck Hutchings, or call (937) 408-9080.